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FM Go and CNS Barcode

Question asked by joannetbell on Nov 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by joannetbell

I am new to FM Go Development. I am using CNS Barcode to create barcodes in a FM Pro 11. These labels with the barcodes will be attached to furniture. This furniture needs to be tracked througout the plant. We will have several stations where the furniture will be scanned with an Iphone, CNS Barcode and FMGo. I need to pass the barcode that is scanned and a unique phone ID or some other way to know what station we are scanning the item from. Is there a script step I can use to find out what my phone ID is so that I will know phone 1, is in location 1, etc... If this does not seem like a logical thing to do, I am open for better suggestions. Again, this is my first attempt at doing this.

Thanks in Advance for any assistance.