A Simple Applescript to Print PDFs Issue

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Nov 25, 2011
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Last week I had posted about FMP errors when printing a lot (200+) invoices from a looping script. Erik had suggested printing to PDF instead - works like a charm.

Now, the next part of my problem is to get the PDFS to print automatically after the routine finishes.

I generate the PDF names so I can pass that into an Applescript and have that Applescript print the PDF.




tell application "Finder"


print document file "PersianRug.pdf" of folder "Desktop" of folder "stephen" of folder "Users" of startup disk

end tell

The "issue" is that the Applescript printed pdf has the top 1.3 cm cutoff (1/2" stateside). If I print the PDF normally from Preview it is fine. Quite repeatable.

Does Applescript use something different when it prints?


OSX 10.7.2.






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