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    email campaign


      Hi there,

      I am relatively new to file maker, I have been sniffing around the FMP 10 for about 3 yrs, one of my first forrays ended saddly when the networked datatabase got corrupted somehow.

      But now, I have a new project,

      I am trying to set up an email campaign manager/workhorse for my wife who is beginning a public speaking career.

      I have the email campaign template but need to modify it to suit her.


      Here is what I am trying to do, I don't even know if it is possible....


      She speaks and has a 30 day follow up which is email based. We can see that as she gets busier this could become a challenge, as this is done manually at the moment from an excel spreadsheet.


      So I am wondering if we can build a group for each speaking opportunity (she speaks to various sized groups 10 - 80) and have a corresponding list of 30 email templates that are sent to that group 1 per day for the next 30 days

      the 30 templates would be the same for each speaking opportunity group.

      as we hope that she would get busier, this would mean that say there is a group created each week, emails would be sent beginning from template "day1" consecutively for each group starting from the monday after each seminar. So in one month there could be, say, 4 different groups being emailed at different stages.


      Any suggestions or ideas gratefully recieved, Thank you in advance, Philip

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          Hi pt,


          Imagine you have the following tables:



          Template - numbered 1-30



          Each time a new template is to be sent, a related email record is created by a script looping through the contacts which has a field which calculates "next template". When there have no emails sent to that person, the next template would be 1. When one email record has been sent the next template would be 'last template used plus 1"... and therefore set the next related email as template 2. The email records need to be dated once sent.


          Once the next template reaches 31, the contact is ignored and no email record created.




          - Lyndsay

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            Thank you Lyndsay, that seems to make sense, I will have a play and see how I go.

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              Hi there,


              some additional information, 


              I have discovered that the "email Campaign" templates do not have the option for graphics like a header and or footer, is it possible to add this option.


              I wonder if there is a calender that can be added somehow so that the emails for Saturday and Sunday can be sent on the Friday also as in many cases the email address is work related.


              thank you for your thoughts,

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                If you are using a plugin like MailIT or smtpIT you can make formatted HTML mails exactly as you need.

                If you want to use the build in functionality you could considder to send beautyfully formatted PDF files as the content of your email. But HTML mail is probly the road you will choose.

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                  Another option may be to do the contact management in FileMaker but use an external option for the email. You could use a service like Campaign Monitor to send to a list you exported from FileMaker. Yes, this adds an extra step (and cost) but it also allows you to see click-thru rates as CM will track all kinds of analytics for you. They also provide a number of pre-built templates and a tool to build your own. CM is free for under 5 email addresses (IIRC). There are other similar services as well.

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                    Thank you all, for your thoughts I will see how far I get with setting this up.

                    regards Philip