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Associating multiple items of a table to another

Question asked by adamczykmj on Nov 27, 2011
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I'm new to using FileMaker and submit this question to you seasoned IT professionals. Here's the issue:


I work as a graphic designer for an advertising company, and I'm working on a database that manages the information about the ads and all of our contacts associated with the ads. So, I have three related tables...


1) A table of all the ads along with relevant information. This information does not change often.

2) A table of all our contacts associated with each newspaper the ads are in.

3) A table with all our clients that pay us to be apart of the space we buy in the newspaper. Multiple clients are in each ad every week and add or drop every so often.


I'm looking for a method for adding or removing a client from an ad (without duplicating the information in the client table). I understand that there should be a portal in the Ad table that shows the list of clients, but whats a good method for picking a client and adding them to an ad, and then being able to remove them from the list if they drop (Without removing them from the Client table).


The contacts table was easy, because I just associated the contacts by using a 'newsgroup' relationship, so the right contacts show up in the right ads. But with the clients, they can be in over a hundred different ads.


Thanks all...