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    Remote Desktop Printing


      I have a client with FMS11 on a Windows Server Datacenter SP2. Users connect to a Windows 2008 Server R2 Datacenter using a Remote Desktop Connection and this server is on a LAN with the FM Server. The FM server has FMPA 11, and the RDC server has multiple FMP11 licenses. At any time there could be 5+ clients using FMP to access the shared database.


      The default printer is a Xerox Workcentre Pro 275 GPD PS, which has staple and hole punch capability. Some users print to their RDC shared printer.


      The solution doesn't seem to retain print settings for the default printer. For example, some reports may need hole punching and others don't. The scripts have been created with the appropriate Print (Restore Settings) configuration in the RDC server, but when another RDC user tries it, it returns to the default printer properties. When the script step is reviewed, the settings are returned to the printer default; all my changes are gone


      The question is: Is this something that FM can't handle in a Remote Desktop environment, or are there limits to printer settings (hole punching)?



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          Try using the Print Setup script step first to save your specific print settings before the Print step.  This worked for me for some functionality like selecting a different paper tray for the first page.  However I haven't been able to get it to work for staple settings.


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            Printing in a multi user environment had my mind boggled for several months. Printer settings weren't ratained until i found out that the way around this is to create printerscripts for every possibility, so a script to print a single record portrait A4 , a seperate script for the same settings but landscape and so on. When i created all those scripts for every printer in the company i copied them to every file with a single sript to determine wich user called a printorder and on wich printer that user should print with which script, since then we use about 9 printers, 5 lablwriters and a staple machine without a hitch!

            Difficulty here is determining wich user is where at the moment he's calling a printorder

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              Sounds like you have things working well. If you were starting this over, I would highly recommend looking at a Printer plugin. I believe that it could simplify your setup quite a bit.



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                Indeed, but at the time we where chopping a tree down with a dull axe because we dint have (didnt take) the time to sharpen it and save time in the long run. In hindsight i would recommend a printer plugin all ay, every day.

                On the other hand, once i got the system set up, it was easy to maintain, copy and distribute through all the files where print orders are required.

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                  Thanks guys, this was something I had posted almost 2 years ago and worked out a solution.

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                    I use a free printer driver called Bullzip that allows printing to a PDF and then either email the report to the user, or allow them to move it to their local hard drive for printing.  It's an extra step, but it cuts down on all kinds of printing related issues on Terminal Server.