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OT - System Restore in Windows

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Nov 28, 2011

Just polling those who develop FileMaker solutions for Windows have found any value in monitoring hard drives other than the system drive for system restore. I have a desktop machine here with the OS and programs on the C: drive, an internal hard drive for the data (including the Outlook data file) and an external USB drive that is used to back up the data drive. If I remember correctly, Windows monitors all internal drives for system restore by default. It seems to me that the USB drive should be sufficient to backup the data drive and that system restore monitoring would only be necessary on the system drive.


Another issue is the Windows Indexing Service. On machines like this, I'm definitely seeing better performance with indexing turned off. I disable it for all the local hard drives, but some application keeps turning it back on. I tried disabling the Windows Indexing Service, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. When I look at the Properties in Windows Explorer, the boxes to enable indexing are re-checked. Any ideas?