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    FMGo - Siri activation question


      Is there a way to activate the siri voice capture feature immediately when clicking into a text field? The flow I'm trying to accomplish is:


      Tap into a text field that is commonly used for voice dictation -> Siri voice capture pops up immediately -> User speaks -> Taps done when finished -> User is left in the field with the keyboard activated to allow for editing.


      I would like to use an OnObjectEnter script trigger that runs a script that hit's the microphone key or something along that line. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?


      Really, it would be nice if filemaker added the ability to set a field's control style to 'voice dictation' so that it activated similar to other control styles (pop up menu, drop down list, etc). Maybe something like that will be coming in the new version of Go (please!!).


      - Chris

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          I haven't found a way to do this yet and I would be surprise (pleasantly so) if there was. It certainly would be wonderful ! If someone finds anything of the sort, CORRECT ME PLEASE!


          But I'm sure that the engineers at FileMaker Pro and those at FMGO, (FileMaker being a subsidiary of Apple and all), are pretty hard at work making interesting changes right now. For instance, in a near future update to FMGO, I most certainly hope for full integration with Siri. (Assuming that Siri is itself ready).


          Let's not forget that as of now, Apple own location services don't work in most country using Siri. In Canada, France or the UK for instance. For me, this is a strong deterent for using Siri in FMGO right now. As Siri is still in Beta form, think of "him" or "her" as a student still in college (or less metaphorically, as an instrument absorbing and processing a lot of feedback from wherever it is deployed right now).


          But as I said, I'm sure the engineers at FM Pro and FMGO are looking into taking advantage of what's new in the APIs of both OS X Lion and iOS5. Now let's wait and see what surprises they have up their sleeves for us. Especially regarding Siri.




          As a wish list of sort, it wouldn't hurt if FileMaker took advantage of many of the new APIs in OS X Lion and in iOS5 that Apple have released recently.


          FMGO eventually gives us the options to create layouts using POINTS coordonate/constraints APIs from Apple as oppose to using the PIXELS solutions. Right there, I can see the smile on the face of many that would appreciate the ease of creating really fast iterations of a particular layout for both the iPhone and the iPad (in EVERY orientation) using this. This would be a god send for localization.


          It would also, (I don't know for you but for me anyway) be very nice to see new sets of icons in the main status bar in FileMaker PRO (the ones we currently have looking a little... vintage for my taste.) Some of those icons are reminscent of the OS X Tiger (released in 2005) era and simply don't have the Lion feel. May we dare ask the designers for an update in that area as well? Thank you.


          Best regards,



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            Yeah I kind of figured there wasn't a way of doing so just yet, but I thought I'd ask just in case.


            You make a bunch of very good points. Thanks for the input