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FMGo - Siri activation question

Question asked by chris.schmitz on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by chris.schmitz

Is there a way to activate the siri voice capture feature immediately when clicking into a text field? The flow I'm trying to accomplish is:


Tap into a text field that is commonly used for voice dictation -> Siri voice capture pops up immediately -> User speaks -> Taps done when finished -> User is left in the field with the keyboard activated to allow for editing.


I would like to use an OnObjectEnter script trigger that runs a script that hit's the microphone key or something along that line. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?


Really, it would be nice if filemaker added the ability to set a field's control style to 'voice dictation' so that it activated similar to other control styles (pop up menu, drop down list, etc). Maybe something like that will be coming in the new version of Go (please!!).


- Chris