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    [ANN] CNS Plug-ins Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale!  Get 25% or more off!





      Fort Worth, TX, November 28, 2011 -- Don't miss out! The annual Comm-Unity Networking Systems Cyber Monday sale is here! All FileMaker Pro 7+ plug-in orders, including upgrade orders, and all iOS apps are 25% or more off. This year we expanded our sale all the way to Tuesday night, but don't let it pass you by! Order any time before 12:00 AM November 30 to take advantage of this great sale event! Browse all CNS Plug-ins and iOS Apps at http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/





      CNS Plug-ins Available for Sale




      All of the following CNS Plug-ins will be 25% off on Cyber Monday:



      CNS Audit - Add Audit Trails to your databases in a matter of minutes. http://cnsaudit.cnsplug-ins.com/



      CNS Barcode - Use your webcam to scan barcodes right into FileMaker Pro as well as create barcodes from data in your database. http://cnsbarcode.cnsplug-ins.com/



      CNS Image - Crop, Rotate, Scale, and more with this easy to use image manipulation plug-in. http://cnsimage.cnsplug-ins.com/



      CNS Menu - Create on-the-fly dynamic popup menus that call scripts when you select menu items. http://cnsmenu.cnsplug-ins.com/



      FTPit Pro - Transfer files to and from any FTP server all from the comfort of FileMaker Pro. http://ftpitpro.cnsplug-ins.com/



      MMColor - Give your users access to system color pickers and create color elements for themed databases. http://mmcolor.cnsplug-ins.com/



      MMEmail - Add email to your databases in minutes without ever designing a dedicated layout with this "SMTPit Pro Lite" plug-in. http://mmemail.cnsplug-ins.com/



      MMQuery - Add, Edit, and Delete records and more in your FileMaker databases without ever creating a relationship. http://mmquery.cnsplug-ins.com/



      MMScript - Schedule FileMaker scripts to run at any point in the future or when a user has been idle for a given period of time.  You can also interact with the OS through shell scripting. http://mmscript.cnsplug-ins.com/



      POP3it Pro - Receive email directly into your database, complete with email headers, content, and attachments. http://www.pop3itpro.com/



      SMTPit Pro - Send Text and HTML emails with any number of attachments and inline images, all without leaving FileMaker Pro. http://www.smtpitpro.com/





      CNS iOS Apps Available for Sale




      All of the following CNS iOS Apps will be on sale on Cyber Monday:



      CNS Barcode - Turn your iOS Device into a barcode reader to easily read data from barcodes right into FileMaker(R) Go. CNS Barcode will be on sale for $9.99, over 30% off. http://cnsplug-ins.com/iOS/CNS_Barcode



      FMP Ref - An all-in-one FileMaker Reference that's always in your pocket. FMP Ref will be on sale for $.99, 50% off. http://cnsplug-ins.com/iOS/FMP_Ref









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