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FileMaker Server quitting! ... global temporary file damaged.

Question asked by robwoof on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2015 by wimdecorte

FM Server Advanced 11.0v3, Apple XServe running Mac OS X Server 10.6.8


Four times in the last three months FileMaker Server has stopped itself due to a problem with a temp file. The Server log entries look like this:


2011-11-29 10:05:10.953 +1100Error618ADS FM Host 01Database or temporary file "filemac:/Server HD/private/var/folders/4O/4OlgV5ExGaG6EqE0XkE2XE+++TA/-Tmp-/FMTEMPFM4ed29ffd0001.tmp" is damaged and has been closed. (824)
2011-11-29 10:05:10.953 +1100Error54ADS FM Host 01FileMaker Server quitting! An unrecoverable error occurred: global temporary file damaged.


These entries are then followed by events showing files being closed and users being kicked off, and then FileMaker Server stops. Since the database files are closed properly, no consistency checks occur. FileMaker Server starts without complaint via the Admin Console.


The location of the problem file is inaccessible (owner fmserver, no other access), so I can't delete the offending file. Each time this error has occurred, the file name given starts with FMTEMPFM and ends with 0001.tmp, but it's not the same file name each time.


The server has three internal drives. The boot drive has FMServer installed on it (obviously). The other two drives contain the database files and backups, respectively. All disks have lots of free space. I will be running a disk check on the machine late tonight when users have disconnected.


Any ideas?