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Handling and Managing Duplicates

Question asked by user on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2011 by old_cedar

I'm attempting to write a script for a database currently containing half a million records and more are added all the time. The script is supposed to handle and manage duplicates for the companies back up database. What they want is for the script to find out whether or not the record is/has duplicates (intended to be plural) if so the script will then compare the comments if they are identical the script will delete the secondary record if they are differnt then the comments will be merged. The primary record is determined by a numerical field containing dates known as last updated. the part im struggling with currently is Identifing the last updated field within the script. How would I base the merge off of the comments as well as the contents of the last updated field. If anyone had some helpful advice it would be most helpful. I'm also toying with a variation of this script that handles and manages duplicates in a much different manner. Where i duplicate the table in a relationship tab and i create a self-join linked a unique(key) field then make a portal of the duplicated table on a form layout of the original so you can scroll through and get an idea of how many duplicates there are. Im also trying to get The script to go to all of the portal records and combine fields with a script. If anybody could offer some tips, hints, help, any form of advice what so ever I'd greatly appreciate it.


Copies of the Script I'm using can be made available upon request.