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Portal Row Wouldn't Delete—Why?

Question asked by ErikWegweiser on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by Stephen Huston

A user reported a strange problem today, and one that I could reproduce—at first—though could not explain, and suddenly it went away.


The problem was that a newly-added portal row could not be deleted.


  • This is a simple, single-predicate relationship from Table A ("PROPERTY_YEAR") to table B ("SEASON").
  • The parent record is not new.
  • The portal on this layout specifically allows manual deletion of the related records (i.e., using the Delete key)
  • The standard 'are you sure...' dialog appears when you try to delete the row manually.
  • No error dialog appears following an attempt to delete the row.
  • There is a "delete row" button as well, which runs a generic 'delete portal row' script.
  • Stepping through the script with the debugger reveals no error code when the delete row step is executed unsuccessfully.
  • I checked for errant overlapping objects possibly extending beyond the boundaries of the portal row.
  • Obviously, I considered privileges, including menu items, as possible inhibitors, but this occurred for me with full access privileges and the standard menu engaged.


So I went to a related "SEASON" table layout and manually deleted a record. No problem.

Went back to the original layout and from that point on, I could not reproduce the problem behavior.

FileMaker Pro AdvancedScreenSnapz003.png


Ideas? Thanks.




Erik Wegweiser

Intelligent Database

Boston, MA