Creating auto primary keys but with different prefixes to avoid duplicates

Discussion created by amylawgill on Nov 29, 2011
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I am using FileMaker pro 11 for creating my database to be used with FileMaker go. THis will be used for storing new customer details when out on location. I have created an auto field which is a customer ID primary key auto generated number. The problem lies with having myself and my colleague using the iPads and the same database on FileMaker go.

When I am out on location and generate a new customer FileMaker will auto generate a customer number let's same customer ID number 22 Mrs Jones, but my colleague will also create a new record that will be a different customer which also would generate the next number in the Customer ID being number 22 this would then cause a problem when plugging the iPads back in at the office.

I have thought of one way around this being an auto number customer ID which is unique and prefixed with the representative ID code such as ALW0022, ALG0022 (ALW0023, ALW0024, ALG0023, ALG0024) and so on. Therefore ensuring that each representative all have different prefixes. I am not sure how to do this auto generated primary key with a prefix.

Or failing this I guess that I would need to have the iPads connected to a server, (again I am not sure how to do this, because I am knew to FileMaker) but what happens in the event that signal is a problem in some remote locations and the iPad A could still auto generate the Same number as IPad B

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