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    Please help!



      In Bento I had a calculation field set up so that I could enter the date created the last day worked and it would automatically create the number of days worked. Then it would put this in as quanity for Invoice so that much of what I had to do was automated. Looking to do the same in Filemaker Pro



      I was using filemaker's Bento for its great desighn and simple integration with the Ipad. Not being able to create invoices in Bento I switched to Filemaker Pro in hopes of just importing the data I intered into Bento and being able to add the ability to bring up contacts info in invoice. Well after importing bento invoice it was a mess I decided it would be beter to just edit the FM STARTING POOINT 2_1 it seems I work in a service based industry and not the typical product that it wants me to fall in trying to edit it to allow me to change product to Service and update related fields but my edits don't seem to be staying and when I try to view the Ipad layout it only shows partial layout. any resources or help greatly appreciated.


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          If I'm reading this corrrectly, you've got a few problems here. Creating an invoice with FMP is easy enough, and with the greater control, a nice improvement over Bento. Why was the import a problem? Are you using the Starting Point solution from RCC? Have you contacted them for assistance? There shouldn't be any problem saving the modifications and there is a prompt from FileMaker Pro that you can default to always save. As to the iPad layout, I recommend looking at the iOS Resources tab here, and take a look at the templates created by FileMaker and Soliant, as they provide some good layout information.


          Hopefully this is of some help. If you have some additional particulars, I'd be happy to take a look and see what I can do to help. The FMP community is pretty good and I'm sure you'll get your answers.

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            For your first paragraph There are Auto-Enter and calculation functions.

            You can have the Data created Auto-entered (whenever a project is created), which you can change or leave it as a data field.

            For the number of days worked you can have the field as a calculation where all you would have to do is date1-date2, ex. (Date_Ended_Project - Date_Created).

            If you don't want it as a calculation field you can have a script trigger to run on the Date_Ended field.

            If you need help with any of that let me know.


            As for the other thing I'm not sure how Bento works. I do know that in FM you have to be specific on the layout size for an iOs devices.

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              Hello and welcome! You might want to take a look at our online video tutorials. Also note at the bottom of that page there is also a link to download our free FileMaker Go starter solutions, which may help with your mobile development. When you're ready to dive deeper, you may want to consider taking advantage of our promo for new TechNet members that gets you the FileMaker Training Series documentation for US$9.99 (normally US$99.00). HTH.