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Discussion created by ladigitalassistant on Nov 29, 2011
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In Bento I had a calculation field set up so that I could enter the date created the last day worked and it would automatically create the number of days worked. Then it would put this in as quanity for Invoice so that much of what I had to do was automated. Looking to do the same in Filemaker Pro



I was using filemaker's Bento for its great desighn and simple integration with the Ipad. Not being able to create invoices in Bento I switched to Filemaker Pro in hopes of just importing the data I intered into Bento and being able to add the ability to bring up contacts info in invoice. Well after importing bento invoice it was a mess I decided it would be beter to just edit the FM STARTING POOINT 2_1 it seems I work in a service based industry and not the typical product that it wants me to fall in trying to edit it to allow me to change product to Service and update related fields but my edits don't seem to be staying and when I try to view the Ipad layout it only shows partial layout. any resources or help greatly appreciated.