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Creating a report of used IP-Addresses

Question asked by jac on Nov 29, 2011
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I'm pretty new to FM11Pro, watched some Video Tutorials at Lynda and created my 1st database to manage IT-inventory. One table has fields like manufacturer, type, invoice date, ... and used IP-Address.

To get an overview of used IP-Addresses I created a new layout (table view), and moved my field IP-Address to it. Now I do have a table that shows IP-Addresses. But as I've entered e.g. TFT's, Docking Stations, ... too where the IP-Address field is empty, these are displayed, too (with empty fields). I'd rather have a list *only* showing the fields where a value in IP-Address have been entered.

How can this be done?

(Btw, I've entered IP-Adresses in text-format like to sort them correctly).


Thanks in advence,