Two OnTimer procedures in two windows on the same client

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We are having a customer with two relatively large FileMaker Systems at one Client.

We are consistenly optimizing their large solution, and monitoring that the changes and new functions we are adding is not causing delays and problems.

For that purpose we have developed a standard performancemeasuring system that we have finetuned for a long time.

  • It is portable and can be installed on another system within a few minutes.
  • It establishes a ground level where everything works fine and where the users are not waiting and it is handling alarms when the tresshold is reached.


We use it in conjunction with the FileMaker Server Statistic, but this meetering we made is actually much better at telling exactly when the users are having performance problems.



The performance measuring is installed on both their FileMaker Systems (separate servers) but I want to run the robot(s) on one client.

The next run is handled with an OnTimer.

Now we are running with two OnTimer in each their window on the same Client (the two timer windows has nothing in common, not same server, not same files).

At the moment each OnTimer is set to run 6 minutes after last end. Our customers are usually not having more than one large FileMaker System



What will happen if one of the OnTimer executions is slowly getting closer to the other and finally "conflicting".

  • Will it just wait for the previous in the other window to finish. No problem.
  • Will they run concurrently. Probably delayed because of the burden of running two at the same time and producing slightly slower results. No big problem.
  • Will the scipt stop - not so good.
  • Another behaviour?


OK this is only the performance meetering, it is not crucial to the users if something happens, as long as it does not hang the server.

OK, I could change it and have one central OnTimer Window to controll both performance meters. So I know how to solve it.


But I would rally like to have the answer to the question. And I apologize if I should have RTFM better.



Just in case you need more information - although I dont think it is needed to discuss my questions.

The graph



Server 1Windows 2008, 64 bit(!), Virtual Server, FMS 11.0v3
Server 2Windows 2003, 32 bit, Dedicated Server, FMS 11.0v3
Client with the robotsX-serve 2 x 3GHz Dual Core Xeon, Mac OS X 10.6.8, FMS 11.0v3
NetworkSame segment, Gigabit