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    Send Mail and Outlook 2003


      I am having an interesting issue with some of our users and sendmail.


      In a few of our scripts, it populates an email using sendmail in Outlook 2003. The message populates without error and all email addresses are separated by a semi-colon. When the user attempts to click send it does nothing. FileMaker is locked because it is in a script, outlook is locked because it is in a message and the only way out is to close the message and it will not send.


      We have over 60 users and currently 2 of them are experiencing this issue in 2 different solutions. I have updated office, we are using FMP 11.3 on Windows XP Pro SP3.

      It is funny because it is working on other computers with the exact configuration. Any thoughts?



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          Hi Peter,


          You might check the Outlook settings on the two computers with issues and compare them to the settings on the other computers.  Along the same lines you might want to check the userid's of the two users in Outlook and make sure there are no restrictions.


          I suggest these items because it sounds like the issue is the e-mail script step not completing due to the failure to send.


          Hope this is helpful.  Best of luck.

          Bruce Herbach