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    Scripting print options with FileMaker Go


      Can the choice to "print current record" or "records being browsed" be scripted in FM Go? If so, how? The print setup and print script steps are not setting that as it would in FileMaker.

      Thank you.



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          Stephen Huston

          Hi Nancy,


          The scripting  done in FileMaker Pro/Adv requires that the Print script step  be set as either Current Record or Records Being Browsed and that script step must to be set execute without dialog to assure it retains the correct setting.


          If you allow the dialog to appear, the setting will not be reliably retained because visible dialogs may revert to the user's last used print  settings, even if originally scripted with a specific setting, or at least allows the user to override it.


          Giving the user the print dialog means they will choose.


          I have not done much printing in FM Go, so don't recall if the Print without dialog scripts execute exactly as in FileMaker Pro/Adv when scripted, but  scripted prints should behave differently deending on whether or not the print dialog is suppressed.


          Stephen Huston