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    11 Pro v4 and OSX keychain


      I'm running OSX 10.6.8 and just re-installed all the FileMaker 11 apps due to crashing problem when quitting. After upgrading both 11 Pro and 11 Pro Advanced to v4 from v2 I've noticed that 11Pro v4 cannot talk to the OSX keychain. 11ProAdvanced v4 has no problem. My credentials, when entered manually, work fine so I know it's not an authentication issue. The fact that Advanced has no problem tells me there's nothing wrong with the keychain either. I also noticed that if I go to a particular password in the keychain utility and go to the Access Control tab and manually add 11Pro v4 to the list of apps, it doesn't save.


      I had initially installed 11Pro v2 and it worked with the keychain without any problem. I haven't tried with v3 yet.


      There are some archive posts about this from August but no solution (apart from someone claiming a restart had fixed it for them; didn't help me). Another factor that may be important is that I have multiple copies of FileMaker (Pro, Advanced, versions 7-11) installed although only one of 11Pro.

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          Stephen Huston

          This may well be a matter of having multiple copies of "FileMaker" installed. It is unclear whether the Keychain tracks apps by version number. It should track credentials by File Name, but it may treat each version as a different App as well.


          Try saving your credentials in one file via a specific version, then close and reopen that file with each version to test if they all behave the same of if the one you saved it with is different.


          • Meanwhile, I spend more energy scripting logins to reject stored password authentication than troubleshooting keychains. Our computers are used by mutiple staff aroud the clock, so if one of the users on our network says their keychain for FileMaker won't work, I answer, "good, you're not supposed to store your FileMaker password."

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            Thanks for the reply Stephen,


            The ability to use multiple copies of FMP to open the same hosted file is something I use all the time. As you add a new application to the list of apps that can open that file, the list of apps on the Access Control tab of the keychain's entry for that file also grows. The problem appears to be that FMP11v4 cannot be attached to that list for some reason. FMP11v2 and v3 both work fine btw.

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              I should point out too that this appears to be related to Snow Leopard. When I first ran the v4 updater in August I was on Leopard. Upgrading to Snow Leopard coinsides with this problem appearing. I will log this as a bug with FMI but there must be more factors contributing to this or else more people would be experiencing it.

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                I also was having trouble with preventing multiple different users from logging in with a saved password in Keychain. I haven't tried this on a served file yet, but if on your onOpen script you have the first step be a Re-Login[], it seems to force a login dialog box despite Keychain having a log in saved for the file. I further simplified the problem by having the file open with a preset user and password, so it skipped the first login dialog box.

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                    FileMaker Pro is the same app name regardless of version. FileMaker Pro Advanced is not.

                    Keychain might be looking for unique app names as one of it's criteria... Weird though... if it is only a problem in FMP11v4

                    - Lyndsay

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                      Thanks Lyndsay. I believe it's a bug in the v4 updater specifically. v2 and v3 work fine. I now have a v4 installer (to do a clean install of the entire app) so I'm going to try installing it and see if that works. I suspect it will. The keychain does seem to be able to tell the difference between apps of the same name and different versions.

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                        I keep feeling guilty that I haven't updated to v4... now I'm at bit unsure...

                        ...although I am still only using 10.5 on my development machine so I can hang on to the earlier versions of FM and legacy server admin software.

                        I've got an iMac with 10.6 and have Lion sitting on a thumb drive... perhaps I should do a control test. Mind you,  don't use keychain with FM.


                        - Lyndsay

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                            I recently upgraded my MBP to a new one running Lion. Used the installer that installs FMP 11v4 directly. Still have the same problem: opening files using the keychain doesn't work; the credentials are not obtained from the keychain nor do they get saved (or at least, if they are, they can't be read by FMP). As reported earlier, FMPA 11v4 works fine.