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    Large Dropdown List on FM Go


      I've got a largish drop down list (250+ possible choices) which works fine in FM on the Mac, in that once the user drops the list down, they can use the keyboard to perform an incremental search to quickly get to the correct record.

      In FM Go, it appears that you have to scroll down the records to get this to the desired record, there is no way to accellerate the process; either by moving the scroll bar manually or typing in a few letters to move through the list.

      Am I missing something here, and if not... is there a possible scripting solution that would allow this to happen?


      Update: I posted this on the regular FM forum and received a possible solution, essentially to perform a query to get a subset of the 250 choices, and then use those results in the dropdown.

      Still not sure if this is the right approach...

      Many thanks. ---- L

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          Hi L,


          We have a similar issue with our FM Go application and to get around it we have implemented a "quickfind" that allows the user to basically filter a list of records in a portal (through the use of a global field, some calculated fields and some relationships).


          If you think this might be a solution you want to implement let me know and I can provide further details on exactly how this has been set up.


          The end result is shown in the following screen dumps, as the user types into the search field the portal records get filtered, and then when the find the one they want they click on the Assign button:










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            Looks like your solution may be of help to us, also.  We have a name list of about 350 staff members that is a bit tedious to scroll through. Would you please forward the details?  Thanks.





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              Hi Clay,


              I tried to send you an e-mail but it got bounced back for some reason so I will post the response I sent below:


              Using our system as an example, I have a table that stores Fieldtrip records, and I want the user to be able to filter the list of Fieldtrips before picking the one they are interested in.


              So in the Fieldtrip table I add 3 fields:






              Defined as per the following screenshot:




              The next step is to create a second table occurrence of the Fieldtrip table (I call it Fieldtrip QS) and set up the relationship to it as follows:




              Then you just need to set up a layout that allows the user to type into the Fieldtripg field, and show a portal of the Fieldtrip QS records:




              Include a button (or turn the portal items into a button if you prefer) that runs a script to set the field based on the entry the user has selected. In my case they are actually using the list to search for records for that Fieldtrip so my script looks like this:




              When setting this solution up in a normal FileMaker environment I would set the Fieldtripg field with a script trigger to commit the record on modify, this way the portal list automatically filters after every keystroke.


              However, with FileMaker GO this causes the keyboard to pop up and down which is not ideal, so for the GO users I don’t configure the trigger and instead they have to type and then click on “Next” for the portal to filter based on what they have typed.