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As I often do I have coded myself into a corner and can't get out.


This is sort of a calendar problem. I have 5 portals side by side - one for each vehicle#. Each portal has two fields - a faux-time field (numbers for hours and half hours) and a location field. The user will assign a vehice to a time and a location and then assign an end time and location. These can vary.

Works fine but the client would like the times to line up. So, if vehicle 86 has an 0600 and vehicle 32 does not I need to add a spacer row for vehicle 32.


I have a list of vehicle numbers stored in a ¶Variable1 - 2¶86¶53¶32¶4.

I do a serach in a related table to see if all vehicels in that list have a record created for a particular day. And I end up with another ¶Variable2 - 2¶86¶32 - of vehicles that do have records. I am trying to extract 53¶4 from the full vehicle list so I can create new records for them.


I am able to loop the results out but I was hoping there might be a more elegant method as my script already contains enough loops to threaten the "Tenth Ring Roller Coaster of Chimelong Paradise in Guangzhou" for the world loop title... iterate. List A and List B and I need to know what values from A are not in B.






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