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Creating Sub-Menu Pull Down Lists

Question asked by jessekorosi on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2012 by johnhorner

Within a database I am generating I have a column titled: Category. I have made this a pull down menu that has about 5 different options within it. Next to this column is a column titled Sub-Category. I would like the pull down list that shows up to be decided on based on what was chosen within the Category column. Therefore if you choose Category "A", you then get options within the Sub-Category column that relate to "A". But if you chose Category "B" you would get a different set of options in the sub category to choose from.


After some digging I found a few different walk throughs that tried to explain this, one of which was a PDF downloaded from the File Maker Site titled: Getting_Started_with_FileMaker. Although within any of the content I have read thus far I have not seen a specific step by step walk through explaining how to set this up.


Any help in finding a very easy to follow step by step guide (remembering that I am very new to this!) would be greatly appreciated.



Jesse Korosi