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    where to find filemaker icons used in status bar


      Since we cannot set what auto appears in the status toolbar, I am going to have to replicate it to the best of my abilities... but I would like to use the icons filemaker uses. I thought when i was using 8 the icons were icluded. I cant seem to find them included with 11 however. Can someone point me in the right direction ???

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          If u r using a Mac, right click on the application icon and "show package contents" which will give u access to all the icons for the whole application in various directories.  Not sure what the windows equivalent is.

          Happy hunting.

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            Hi Arasj3827


            On the Mac have a look in the package called FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker pro (the one you see as the application).


            You will see this:


            I wanted to tell you the same for Windows, but could not find it there. Strange. But maybe some other nice person can help here.


            Btw: Considder writing which version of FileMaker and OS you are using. Thereby making answering a bit easier.

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              Guys... I have 11 Advanced. and yes...I could have sworn that when I was using 8, I was able to find them just like you guys did on the Mac. On Windows OS I just dont see them...

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                I haven't looked for these myself, but in Windows, icons are typically stored in resource files (dll usually, sometimes exe or other files) rather than ico or other graphic file formats. If you want to see what is in the file, you can create a shortcut on the Windows desktop for the file that you want to examine, then click the Change Icon button. This will show you all the icons in the file and allow you to select one for the shortcut. (After you have done this, you can delete the shortcut). Again, this is strictly to show you where the icons are stored. Off the top of my head, I don't recall how you would extract them for use in a FileMaker solution. But, before you go off on that track, you should make sure that FMI has not copyrighted them and allows you to use their graphics in this manner. A safer bet is to use the images from the FileMaker graphics pack.


                You can also make your own icons with a graphics package. Windows graphics require particluar care, since FMP doesn't always support them. Frequently there are issues with FMP loosing transparency. Some images retain transparency when imported onto a layout, but lose it when imported into container fields.While there is no perfect solution, I have found that png images work best.and Corel X5 (though not previous versions) does a reasonably good job with them. Just keep in mind that adding graphics to FMP -- even a few very small images -- expands the file size enormously.