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    Free Event - Genius Wanted - FileMaker TechNet @ Stockley Park, UK - 13th December 2011


      Afternoon ladies and gents, we have 35 places remaining for the quarterly technet meeting at Stockley Park, UK.


      It is a free event, running from 10am until 4pm on Tuesday 13th December 2011.


      Confirmed sessions include:


      Patrick Kenlock - A configurable Control for Video and sound using FileMaker


      "Using FileMaker and VLC to create a Video DJ and point of sale information system. Any configured sound track plays while any chosen video tracks are used to provide a separate and controlled video and sound stream."


      Damon Casey - User Experience and Design Patterns.


      "An introduction to user experience design methods and design patterns."


      Ian Jempson - Using FileMaker's Internal SQL


      "We explore how to use plugins to get access to the full power of FileMaker's internal SQL functionality."


      Andy Hibbs - 'Cloudy Days'


      'Use of FileMaker in the cloud using virtual hosting and Citrix XenApp on Mac, Windows and IOS'



      If you would like to attend, please register here: http://info.filemaker.com/NE_enGB_FileMakerTechNetDecember2011_LandingPage.html


      I look forward to seeing you all on the 13th.