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How do you get Filemaker to calculate percent increase in a sub summary?

Question asked by MacUT on Dec 1, 2011
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The attached file is a simple Excel file that shows two departments English and French with columns for staff, 2011 salary, 2012 salary, and % increase. I'm trying to do the same thing in Filemaker. I have no problem with the % increase for each staff member but cannot figure out how to get Filemaker to calculate the % increase for each department and for the total of the departments.


For each sub summary I want Filemaker to calculate (Total 2012 salary - Total 2011 salary)/(Total 2011 Salary). I would also like it to calculate in the same way for the grand totals.


I would like the sub summaries by department to show both the 2011 and 2012 totals as well as the percent increase and the same for the trailing grand summary.


Of course I can easily get the totals to calculate fine by using the sub summary total fields but I can't get the % increases to calculate correctly.