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OnRecordLoad Script Trigger Behaviour

Question asked by RossHurley on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2011 by RossHurley

Hi all,


I'm having curious behaviour with the OnRecordLoad script trigger set on a layout. The script trigger is designed to run a script which opens a new window when the user changes record. With the trigger enabled, when the script reaches the New Window step, it keeps firing until I about the script, ie produces scores of new windows until I can stop it. To investigate this issue I've reduced the process to just two steps:


1. Set the OnRecordLoad script trigger for this layout to run a test single line script

2. Have the test script simply have a single step: New Window.


When I exit Layout mode, switch records or even quit and reopen the file, the New Window step keeps firing until I abort the script. It happens on both FMPA10 and 11 on OS X 10.6.8.


I am taking it that this is not expected behaviour but aren't ready yet to say it's a b*g. Or is this behaviour explainable, and there's something simple I've missed?


Any advice (or others able to replicate the issue) would be appreciated.




Ross Hurley

Adelaide, Australia