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Deafult Printers in Windows 7

Question asked by ajk on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by ajk

Hi all,


Need some advice from the FileMaker tech folk please.We've got a a Windows 7 environment all running FileMaker Pro 11v3 and we have no end of support calls regarding issues with printing. Our main problem is FileMaker Pro doesn't recognise when the printer has changed default and uses what I think from my brief testing the printer that was default at the time of launching. We're in an enterprise environment and this causes our users and tech staff alot of ear ache. Is there anyway FileMaker can fix this with a patch or in their upcoming version 12 or whatever it is. We just want FileMaker Pro to recognise what printer is set on default, including the settings like tray etc and then RETAIN this information on the next print. If the default printer changes, we want FileMaker to recognise this and make changes within the program accordingly.


Our Windows/.net developers have told us that FileMaker Pro needs to respond to the WM_Settings message within the Windows envrionment. This message states the variables within the client environment that have changed - including the printer setting.


Im not interested in buying plugins to do this as I feel printing feature should be a standard and robust feature within FileMaker (Adobe, Microsoft seem to do it OK with their wealth of products) and if a small plugin developer can solve this, FileMakers engineers can too.

Would love to hear your feedback, either by personal message or in the forums.