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I'm new to FMPA as you will soon see! Question

Question asked by gcastle on Dec 2, 2011
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I've worked with MS Access for years. I developed an app that did everything a truck salesman does all day long. Now I'm learning FileMaker Pro Advanced. I have my main Customer Form built. I have a field called "CID" as my unique primary key. In a another field box (on the same form) I've called "Find Customer", a pop-up field populated with all "CID" and corresponding "CompanyNames". I want to just click on my choice in the field and have the Customer record come up instantly. I've tried a few things but no luck so far. I'm probably making it too hard. I don't want to go to find mode layout and back. I could build my own "Find" LAYOUT so that I could incorporate the pop-up Find field "CID" existing Account ID's (CID)" that I want to find. But it is much faster to do it the way I did it in MS Access.


In Access I just used a simple macro (the only one in my 75 mb database. Everything else is code):


SearchForRecord , , First, ="[CID] = " & "'" & [Screen].[ActiveControl] & "'"


I'm sure most of you reading this discussion would be able to help me.

Thanks in advance!

Gary Castle


PS Can FileMaker Pro be set up to seamlessly down load financial information to Quicken's Quickbooks Pro?