[ANN] 24U FM Bench Detective 1.0.2 Released

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Prague, CZ -- December 5, 2011 -- 24U Software announces an immediate availability of 24U FM Bench Detective 1.0.2 for FileMaker Pro 11.


24U FM Bench Detective is an open solution designed to help FileMaker developers easily add precise benchmarking to their solution. With the help of this tool developers can measure performance of their scripts, calculations, and other parts of their solutions, and optimize them for better performance.


FM Bench Detective is a free part of the new product being developed by 24U to address the need for optimizing performance of not only FileMaker solutions but also companies using them.



What's new in version 1.0.2:


- Internal global variables renamed to prevent naming conflicts

- Timestamps are now logged in the host's time rather then client's time to ensure consistency

- 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.1.2 now correctly returns local time instead of always returning GMT+2



24U FM Bench Detective lets FileMaker developers:


- Precisely measure execution time of their scripts and calculations

- Quickly add measuring code to any existing solution

- Store all measurements in a simple FileMaker database for further processing

- Differentiate collected data by username, IP address, or software/hardware configuration

- Use a single point to control benchmarking level or completely disable benchmarking



Use 24U FM Bench Detective to better understand your code


There is no magical solution that will take your code and optimize it. It's still you, the developer, who's responsible for the quality and performance of your solutions. But it's difficult to intelligently decide how to implement whatever feature you are thinking of just now if you don't know what to expect from the technology you're using. 24U FM Bench Detective lets you easily measure your code execution time with microsecond precision, so that you exactly understand which operations take longer to process. Only that way you can base your decisions on true knowledge instead of guessing.



Since the first version of 24U FM Bench Detective has been released, many FileMake developers started to optimize their solutions.


Steve Sanders commented on the 24U FM Bench Detective's website: "I keep track of my Custom Functions in a database. When a Custom Function is revised, I compare some “Sample In” results to previous “Sample out” results to see if I have caused an error during the revision. I also want to compare the execute times to the previous revision. That lets me know if I have optimized or slowed down the Custom Function. I used to use “Extra Suites” on the Mac for this but it was very cumbersome as I had to find and remove my own overhead. I could only get an approximate overhead value. FM Bench will be ideal to re-implement this in a clean manner."


Serious developers have always cared about the performance of their solutions. But it took them too much effort to actually measure the performance of everything so they did that mostly only when issues appeared. 24U FM Bench Detective makes developers' dreams come true. Now you can base your decision on exact measurements and it does not take more than just a few clicks to add the measuring code to your solution.



24U FM Bench Detective 1.0.2 is immediately available for download from the 24U FM Bench website upon free registration.


More info: http://FMBench.com/detective



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