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Trying to count items from a value list

Question asked by davidallen on Dec 7, 2011
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I have been, without succuss trying to come up with a way to count the items from a value list.


Example: in the DB one of the fields (Vaccine Status) is a value list with: Accepted, Refused, Allergic, Not at Risk, (and others).

I need to do a count of each for an annual report I am trying to build.


I thought perhaps a calculation field to count each option, cant count the items in a value list.

I also tried a variety of summary fields with and without sub-summary on the layout, cant count the items in a value list.

I am unable to make this work, I have looked through the FM Help and several places on line, I have not found

anything that helps with counting the items in a value list.


If counting a value list cant be done, then is there a way to have a drop menu in a field that can be counted?


Any assistance would be appricated.


The end result should look like this:


Vaccine Status for 2011:

Accepted 210

Refused 43

Allergic 25

Not at Risk 16