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Need Help with Subsummaries

Question asked by james_callery on Dec 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2011 by Stephen Huston


I'm trying to make a FileMaker Pro 7 database where I can track all of our employees and the checks we wrote to them as independent contractors. From this I'd like to create a layout that is a letter that we send to them confirming that the total amount is accurate.


Underneath their total amount earned, I would like to list every check (no more than 7) as well as the check #, the description of the job, and the amount on the check. I believe this is something like a subsummary but I'm having problems setting it up.


So far, I have a personnel records table setup just fine, which has their first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, SSN#, etc...but all I have for the income is a total amount which is calculated through an excel spreadsheet I have.


The excel spreadsheet looks something like this:


First Name
Last Name
Check #
JohnDoeAdministrator7/1/11Tournament Administrator5568$1000.00
JohnDoeAdministrator7/8/11Tournament Administrator5768$1250.00
JohnDoeAssistant7/13/11Admin. Assistant5789$500.00








Now, I have a layout in Filemaker Pro where it's a letter of confirmation so they can check if there are any discrepencies. The letter is like the following:


Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>


You earned over $600 as an independent contractor working with us this past summer...blah blah blah...and we want to make sure that your total amount earned is correct. If you believe there are any discrepencies, please call our office promptly.


(Here is where I would like the table to be that describes the information in the Excel spreadsheet I have shown an example of above).


Would I have to create another Table in the database and use relationships? Inside the confirmation letter layout, would I be using "fields" to get these values or do I have to use "portal" which is entirely foreign to me.


Any simple workaround will suffice, since we only have about 65 employees and most of them only had about 4 or 5 checks issued to them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can help!