kill Save changes to Layout prompt

Discussion created by techt on Dec 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2011 by Malcolm

There are some older post, but no solution posted, so I thought I'd put this back up and see if an enhancement request is needed or if someone has found a workaround.


When a file is hosted on FMS, and the user clicks the Status Bar icon to switch from the Form to List view, the following prompt appears: "Do you wish to save this change with the layout?" which is undesirable in the extreme. The new Status Bar in FMP10 was touted with many benefits, one of which was leveraging what was native in FMP, including the Form, List, and Table buttons. Unfortunately, this prompt seems to pop up a lot more these days, even on non-hosted files and I'd be happy to see the back of it.


Running scripts under Full Access, separate layouts for Form and List View, and other Priviledge Set tweaks have no effect. Since this is a FMP prompt, if fires before scripts so setting error capture on has no effect. With layout script triggers, I'm trying to use the Status Bar buttons to let the user navigate between the Form and List view without adding additional buttons to the layouts. I don't remember Table view popping this message *every - single - time* but perhaps a recent update has fostered this anoyance.


Does anyone have a workaround for this, or is an anhancement request in order? Or am I tilting at windmills?