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    several events with hundreds of guests in 1 database




      This question is more about development but I can't seem to find much help anywhere. I have the missing manual and have consulted it and still can't find my answer. I used to use ACT for PC and now that I have a Mac have switched the FileMakerPro. What I want to do is be able to open one database that has 12 databases in it and variable number of datebases within that. Basically, I have several events a month, and each even has a different guest list. What I want to do is make this interface userfriendly and clean. I want to open a file, say one labeled 2012. Within 2012 I want 12 months. In each month I have at least 10 events and each event has at least 6 guests. My biggest problem is that I don't want to look at everything at once. I want them to be like folders within folders, but need the datebase to be able to perform a search function that can search throughout each folder. ACT could do this. How can I make my filemakerpro look more like a filing cabinet and less like a giant spread sheet where I have to search by 3 different criteria to find what I want?


      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Keri, welcome to the community.

          I believe we should work together in building a data model that fit your needs. Sometimes you need to forget the way ACT worked and re-think your solution on a FileMaker11 mind.


          IMHO I'll only have:

          - Just one database with the required tables. (12DBs sounds like A LOT!)

          - I'll have a table named  events another one named guests another events_guests and later one named dates

          - Table Dates will only have ONE record with a global field (the date)

          - Events will have _pk_eventID ; Date; Comment

          - Guest will have _pk_guestID; Name; Last Name

          - events_guests will have _fk_eventID; _fk_guestID


          Don't worry if the things I'm writing you sounds like ALIEN ; if you need , during the next days I can write a simple solution with this criteria.