(Redux) The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FM Pro.

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This topic has been discussed a lot over the years but I thought I would add an update as I ran into it today and sorted the problem out.


We just deployed FMS11 as a new server replacing a venerable FMS 9 server (OSX 10.5.8).

I copied over 60 databases - 57 from the clients old system and 3 from the new replacement one I built for them - they like to see the old stuff.

I work on the system inhouse and also over the WAN.

I had a number of external file references from the new file into the old system in this form:


fmnet:/ //inhouse

fmnet:/ //outhouse


I think I thought I was being clever there - if FMS can't find the local db I imagined it would look for the same db over the WAN.

Anyway, today with FMS 11 I kept getting that "maximum number..." error when I left the new database and went to an old database to refresh some of the data I missed during migration.


After some gnashing of teeth it occured to me to look at the external file refs. Removed all the WAN references.


Problem solved.





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