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    Mac Mini and SSD Drives




      I have a cleint with 20 -30 workstations running windows client and server and FMSA11. I want to put them on a Mac mini ($799) version with a single 256GB SSD Drive. I hear that these drives are very fast for Filemaker Servers. What are some of your actual experiances with them.



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          Oreste, if you consider this option, then spend a little more and buy the mac mini server with two disks, use the Timemachine in the 2nd disk, excluding the live db from the Timemachine.

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            Yes, and depending on the solution, the complexity etc. you should of course consider whether a Mac mini is sufficient.

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              I don't think IOPs will be your problem here and certainly Mac Mini Server is your recommended route with 2 SSD drives.


              You could be clever and use the 1st SSD for OSX and Application installations and then use the second SSD for your FM DB and other "client server" based requests. You could then buy cheap external SATA for timemachine backups.


              Your issue will be whether the single Ethernet port can handle all the client requests. You will get login storms in the morning and logoff storms in the evening when people arrive and leave work. if you know that client requests are small and your Network traffic is minimal then yes your could have an extremely efficient and well performing solution.


              You will need to ensure that network traffic is not your bottle neck.




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                Hi the network traffic is low.  The bottle neck is the speed.  I am only putting Fiemaker Server and the .fp7 files on here. 

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                  Well if thats the case then get ur ssd from owc.com and do as I suggested. I have those setup on my mac pro and it absolutely rocks.


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