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    FMP6 solution to FMP11


      I have converted an FMP6 solution to FMP11 and set all the files with a new login and password, which is the same for all the files. I have also set the file options to open with that login and password. However, when opening the files from the server (Lion) some open and others don't recoginze the login and password.


      The files will open fine locally.


      Has anyone had experience of this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Case of password did not matter in FMP6.  It does now.  That could be an issue as "Password" ≠ "password".


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            no, the case is all lower. I've checked and double-checked all the files.

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              Prior to "upgrading" your files, did you remove the passwords? If you didn't then you should do so!


              Best wishes,


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                there was no password prior to upgrading.

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                  Gee... Can you upload the files so I can take a look at them?


                  Best wishes,


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                    A not too common problem is the errant space at the end of a password or account name.  Another issue not related to the accounts and passwords is whether there was any corruption of the files.  Were the FMPro 6.x versions ever recovered and put back into service?  And what platforms/version of FMPro/FMS and OSs are you using for client and server.  Sorry, see Lion Server OS and I assume a FMPro 11 environ.


                    Have you tried using a Common Menu that links to all of the converted files to open them?  You can set up a simple one using relogin script step in each file that you can call from the Common Menu.

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                      Thanks Old Cedar,


                      (interesting handle!) Yes, I have an opening file that links to and opens all the others. The environment is Lion Server with FMP11 and the cleints are also FMP11, running Leopard and Snow Leopard.


                      The files have been recovered, so perhaps that's the problem. What to do in that instance?

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                        There was a Mantra chanted by every FMI tech and old developer in the classic days.  "NEVER REUSE A RECOVERED FILE."  ALWAYS HAVE A Pristine Back Up Clone to allow you to import your data.  I always kept a zipped version of delivered client files just because of that warning.  Client rarely back up or remember.


                        But before we enter all of that effort is there perchance a script that on closing deactivates an account?


                        The "Old" in the handle is the keyword.  There is practically nothing you can do that won't turn you grey and add to your frequenting a more vulgar vocabulary.  [A malady also shared by many an auto-mechanic...]  And many times the problem is buried corruption in the actual data that occurs in very large files that exceeded 4.5 MB in the classic versions [Pre FMPro 7.x]



                        The easiest remedy, if it works, is to create a clone of the files.


                        1.     copy a recent backup folder from the FMServer folder to a local drive. [In my shop I use a local net drive. ]

                        2.     Open the files on the local computer in FMA and do a recover on each file,

                        3.     If no problems, Create clones of each file in a separate folder. [Again on the local net drive.]

                        4.     Upload the [no problem] clones to the FMS via the "Upload Database."

                        5.     Try to open each clone via the existing passwords.


                        This should define the problem files. [if any.]  If there are none. Then one by one import the data for each file and try to reopen.  If all pass then check setting on the server for some script issue or other setting. [although I cannot imagine it at this point.]  I am not working in OS 7 yet so I cannot comment on possible system security protocols that "Might" be involved.  But I would guess a not so quick browsing of that forum [FMS] might enlighten further.


                        If you do find a problem clone before re importing data.  Then create a DDR and then start from scratch on a new file to recreate it.  This is exceedingly rare but I and at least one other developer in the past have had to resort to this from a shear time and cost basis.


                        If the problem is in the data then what ever is lost is lost and unless someone is willing to pay you for parsing the bulk of it then I would only salvage what I could using a Merge text file dump and a separate [New] file to eliminate the bad data.  As you can imagine eyeballing a massive Text file for "obvious corruption" is daunting at least and maddening at best.  Plus if the corruption is in images then beware.  There are many a nasty code buried there in and not all have your best interest at heart. Dump thern!

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                          I'm not a develper, just a fmpro6 user on old imac. wanting to migrate filmaker pro 6 billing database to new filemaker 11, so I can run new billing database on snowleopard on intel imac, running

                          10.6.8. The original database was built by a developer who has retired. I'm hoping that my old files and templates will transfer correctly without link problems or losing templates.


                          I would rather pay someone to handle the migration than do it myself. If you have any suggestions, would appreciate.


                          Thank you....Peter

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                            1. Search the FMI site for a developer near you (not always required, but if 'on site' should need to be done, near you helps.


                            2. Elicit (as you have done) for assistance on this list.


                            The quality of work may vary, so request samples.


                            -- sent from my iPhone4 --

                            Beverly Voth


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                              Peter, I have tried to migrate 6 relational databases from FMP6 to FMP11 and the result is not good.. some fields with calculation didnt work especially with fileds containing status functions... some of my links are missing and some of the scripts didnt function well.. better ask for professional help..


                              My solution, I made a new database based from FMP 11 and imported the data from old databases based from FMP6..Morever, there are lots of enhancements I can do to my database as well...




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                                Peter, migration is generally not too much of a problem if you address the security issues [Accounts and Passwords] and depending on how native the FMPro 6 was developed.  Plus in a multi file solution all of the links between the files maybe lost or compromised by being in a new location.  Generally, a conversion can be easy or difficult depending on the level of complexity.  So much for the generalities.  I will look at them and give you my estimate.  Please put the entire solution [all of the related files] into a folder and compress them [Mac zip].  If the compressed folder is over 2 MB contact me via email and I will give you an FTP where you can drop them.  If you do not have an FTP software, I like Yummy.  You can find it at yummysoftware.com [$28]


                                You can send them as clones if they are Too Big and then zip.

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                                  I have also done this simple migration and found that the scripts generally do not work well. It's best to create a new database and import the data from the old ones.

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                                    1.)  What kind of problems will I encounter upgrading an FM6 project to FM11?


                                    a) passwords in FMP6 will become the account name and password in FMP11 - eg.  "zinc01!!" is now account name "zinc01!!" with password "zinc01!!".

                                    b) case matters.  "zinc01!!" ≠ "ziNC01!!"

                                    c) in a multi file solution you will find interfile navigation fails unless the called external script has a Refresh/Select window step in it.

                                    d) if there are a lot of SetField steps in the FMP6 file you will want to add Commit steps after them.

                                    e) scripted Windows script steps will need to be fixed (Mac ones come over ok)

                                    f) if the FMP6 solution is complex (multi-file) or complex (single file but many scripts) a tool like MetaDataMagic cvan save you a lot of time

                                    g) File References ( related databases) can cause startup issues when there are a lot of them - FMP6 remembers everything, and will try all file locations until it finds one that works.  This can take time.  MDM has a file reference fixer that is very helpful indeed.  And FMP11 will allow you access to edit them...

                                    h) ...and so on


                                    I have done about a dozen brute force conversions for clients who didn't have enough ponies for a rebuild.  They work.



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