Importing and exporting on Lion Server

Discussion created by barenose on Dec 7, 2011
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Can anyone help me with a Lion Server problem?


I have a solution running on Lion, with FMP11. The clients are using Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion.


One of the files creates new records in a create table and then imports them into the main events table. All the scripts run well on client machines, i.e. the development machine, but when running the solution from the server, the script breaks down and produces wierd data.


I have been told that Lion server requires that all imports and exports be to external files and then reimported to the FMP table. I have altered the script so that it creates an xml file, exports the new records to it, them re-imports them to the main file. I use the


file:Get(DocumentPath) & "filename"


for the exporting and importing. Do I need to create a specific path so that these files get saved directly on the server?


Anyone have experience with this?


Thanks in advance.