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How to create a marked record within a found set in multi-user environment?

Question asked by Nicole on Dec 8, 2011
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I am new to the FileMaker Community and would like some help to figure out how to create a marked record in a found set within a multi-user environment. What are the best practices for this and what pitfalls should I look out for?


The setup:


I am currently using the contact management starter solution with some modifications. No additional tables only some added fields. The file is hosted on FMP 11 on a Mac Mini server running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Server. The client machines are running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and FMP 11. The file is fairly small, just over 10,000 Contact records and 20k - 30k Notes records.


The requirements:


I need to be able to make a marked record within a found set for each user. The user needs to be able to make multiple found sets with marked records. They would have to have a related description to be able to make it easier to find when trying to go back. The user would only see his/her marked records, unless they would wish to share with another user. The found set needs to be remembered in the sort order that the user created with the marked record in the same location in the found set when recalled. The users do not want to open a separate window with the found set and they need to be able to come back to this set at a later date. Could be hours, days, weeks, or months later.


For example:


The found set has 321 records. The specific marked record is number 206 in the sort order that the user is seeing. The user wants to be able to mark their record '206' and save the found set. Some time goes by and the user wishes to revisit their work on this found set. When they perform an action? they are taken to the same set of records with current database information. 321 records in the same sort order with what was record 1 equal to the current record 1 and their record 206 equal to the old record 206.


Thank you for your help,