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    Who're doing FileMaker in Vancouver?


      I would like to have some contact with people local to me who do FileMaker Pro in greater Vancouver.

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          Hi Hopkins,

          I have had contact with a Vancouver company named "Neo|Code Software".  An assiociation I am involved with is using their hosting services.  They do FileMaker solutions and web development as well as hosting.  I haven't been in contact lately but they may be worth a call.  Check out their wesite at ( http://www.neocodesoftware.com ).  Good luck ....


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            Hi Hopkins,


            In addition to Neo Code Software (a Platinum FBA member) in Vancouver, a search of the FileMaker Consultants list also brings up CamelCase data (love the name). Website for CamelCase is <http://www.camelcasedata.com/>.



            FileMaker Consultant search is at FileMaker.com <http://developer.filemaker.com/search/> BTW.





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              Thank you John,


              Will see who does what at Neo|Code.



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                Thank you Michelle,


                Will see who does what at CamelCase.  I was not aware of the search page you mention and had been looking for one here on the Technical Network.



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                  Hi Ted,


                  Many of the consultants on that list can be found here by clicking Browse>People.


                  Mind you.. the Consultants List is the best place as many have not yet completed their profiles here in the TechNet community.


                  I find it amusing that despite this international community you feel the need for a geographic association. I have hundreds of FileMaker friends and clients as close as my mouse... Italy, Spain, Coatia, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, England, France, Canada, USA, Mexico, India, Australia, others... and Canada. 12 years ago I found my mother's sister who had been lost to Canada 40 years earlier and last week I found my best friend lost at age 11 in Papua New Guinea 41 years ago. This world is a lot smaller and closer than you might imagine ;-)


                  - Lyndsay

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                    Lyndsay's right. I also have project globally. However, there are some that require me to be on-site (usually security reasons). I've travelled as far as 7.5 hrs (driving one way), but that's also includes one or more overnight stays!



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                      Thanks Beverly,


                      Just because I'm bored with doing my accounts:


                      Melbourne (VIC) is 1,689.5 km (1049 miles - 20 hrs 38 mins) away and Sydney (NSW) 848 km (526 miles - 12 hours 59 mins) away and Brisbane (QLD) 186 kms (115.6 miles - 2 hours 10 mins and Mackay (QLD) is 1,159 km (720.2 miles - 13 hrs 23 mins) away

                      ... and I have driven to and from them all... many times to Sydney. I do prefer to fly, however, to everywhere except Brisbane... I really don't enjoy the long drives anymore and it costs heaps more and takes hours you can't get back to drive.


                      Mind you, I had cause to go to Orange which gives you a choice of between a 923 km or 1050 kms drive (depending whether you go via civilisation or not) and a flight for nearly $1100. Then of course if you fly to remote places some of them don't have daily flights so you end up paying for hotels, meals, taxis and such longer than you might want to be there. Still... the journey saps your energy levels for a few days...


                      When I do travel, I make sure I meet up with colleagues and clients for lunch or drinks to discuss their requirements after meetings. I also hang around their offices and watch what people do. It is amazing how much more info you can glean. I do not generally do any development work at a client's office as my own space is where I am productive and comfortable. I maintain a number of remote servers and develop on remote systems and when I take a break I go to the garden and potter or walk to the beach... Not stand in the alley and have a cigarette in someone else's' city ;-)


                      Travel is a costly and time-consuming activity which is bad for the planet... just to do what you can do online remotely. My closest comrade and client (and your connection) is 119 km away and it has been a few years now since we touched flesh... but we are able to work together as required.


                      Right now I have 2 Sydney and 1 Melbourne jobs for clients who I have never met. I have seen a photo of the Melbourne guy. I've also got a call yesterday from a girl from Perth (WA) 4,328 km (2 days) away I did a job for maybe 5 years back who wants something new. I have never seen her face either. We talk and screen share and laugh... and I could be in my Pyjamas for all they would know.
                      As you know... the bit of travel that I really want to do is a trip to DevCon.... ;-)
                      - Lyndsay
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                        Hi Hopkins


                        Kris has access to anyone in your area with FM skills, and he is a pleasure to work with.



                        Kris Hayward
                        FileMaker Canada
                        The Loman Group
                        472 Morden Road #203
                        Oakville, ON L6K 3R9
                        kris@loman.ca--- NEW EMAIL
                        Local) 905-592-3105---NEW PHONE #
                        Toll Free) 855-741-4035

                        Fax) 905-592-3108---NEW FAX #




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                          Hi Hopkins


                          Results of searching the FileMaker Site under Support/Consultants/Canada/BC/:



                          These are FBA members and there are certainly many more developers in your area that Kris may help you locate,

                          FMP BC.png

                          Cove Data Systems

                          North Vancouver, BC - CA



                          Oak Bay Softrends

                          Vancouver, BC - CA



                          Kathy Berndt & Associates Inc.

                          Vancouver, BC - CA



                          User Friendly’s

                          Mill Bay, BC - CA



                          Acculogic Technologies Inc.

                          Vancouver, BC - CA



                          ami, Inc.

                          Vancouver, BC - CA

                          About ami, Inc.



                          Neo Code Software Ltd.

                          Vancouver, BC - CA



                          CamelCase data

                          Vancouver, BC - CA



                          Hope this helps, you may get more contact info from their websites.



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                            Thank you Robear,


                            I have seen this list and it is most helpful.



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                              Thank you Lyndsay and Bevely,


                              Certainly world-wide contacts are easier these days, yet some local people with whom to touch bases would be good.