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Portal Scroll Technique needed XPOST

Question asked by MicheleOlson on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by alas

I am looking for a navigation technique using a portal. I need the portal row that is selected to STICK.


The table is customers with a cartesian join to itself.


The user clicks on a portal row (customer); the row highlights (changes text and background color) and moves to that customer record (GTRR) on the same layout.


All of this works fine.


What doesn't work fine is the highlighted portal row does not stay visible within the portal.


The portal is set to display 24 records and the highlighting concept works fine for the 1- 24, but select record # 33 or #77, etc. and although highlighted, the user can't see that because the portal returns to display records 1-24.


I know there is a technique to accomplish this. Changing the setting for the portal (Reset Scroll Bar When Exiting Record) has no effect: On - nothing. Off - nothing.


I've checked all my resource files and can't find the solution, so I am hoping someone will point me in the correct direction.


I tried searching previous posts for an answer, but frankly the previous posts are not helpful [ not threaded, all attachment examples gone, etc.]


Thanks in advance for any assistance.