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    Moving Go file from iPad to non linked computer?


      Any tips on moving an FMGo file from the iPad to a non linked local wifi computer? In other words, without using iTunes?

      I've used Goodreader and that seems to work but wondered if anyone has come up with any other solutions.



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          Hello Betty,


          If I'm not mistaken, one of the quickest way to transfer a file that you have on your iPad to another computer without using iTunes is probably to send it via email.


          Here how:


          Open FileMaker Go on your device;

          Select the file you wish to transfer from the left pane (File on Device) to open it;

          Press on the tool button at the top right of the screen (it looks like a round gear);

          A menu will open, from there you simply press on "Save / Send";

          Another menu appears, select "Database";

          From the choices you are presented with, select "Email";

          From there, a New Message window will appear;

          Send it and the file will automatically be included as an attachment.


          Hope this helps!




          Mario Marceau

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            Use DropBox https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTY5NTg0Nzk


            Drop the file into your shared folder. Get the application for iPad/iPhone and open the database file there. It will auto transfer to FileMaker Go when you open it.


            Only issue is that you can't delete files from FileMaker Go without iTunes...and if you transfer files more than once each version gets a new name.


            Great way to make sure your original database is automatically backed up as well.


            Tim Cimbura


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              i second the use of dropbox although i think the op is trying to push an .fp7 file from fmGo on the ipad to a different ios device in which case , email is a solid choice.  to my knowledge, u cant send an fp7 back to dropBox but id love to be corrected.  Tim - u can delete fp7 files from the go client by swiping the title of the file on the fmgo file list which i believe is the splash screen.  quick shout out to ur excellent image resize example file !  many thanks.

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                Thanks for all your replies. I guess email it is as, yes, I wanted to move the file off the iPad. PS the Good reader solution only works in moving to the iPad not getting a file from the iPad. If Dropbox can move the file from the iPad I would consider it.

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                  I was thinking about this a bit and wanted to experiment with it later when I'm at the workDesk.  Im not totally up on my fmGO functionality , specifically in regard to new features added in recent revisions of the app.  Given that fmGo can make a copy of the active database and email it, there are certainly ways to get your hands on the file itself.  As to how elegant this can be achieved is an unknown until I take a peek but in a worse case, the file is made available to be emailed as an attachment so it could be selected and copied when the mail client pops up.  Pretty nasty as you are then opening and closing applications , etc - all in an effort to have the fp7 file in your clipboard SO  I hope there are other ways to accomplish this provided by the fmGo app.  Jumping forward, if there is an easy way to gain access to the fp7 file (copy / duplicate of the current file) - then 2 way communication could be achieved with dropBox and you would be able to create a script and ui menu option "SEND A COPY TO DROPBOX".  It would require that you get an API key from dropbox (which is super easy) at which point you could use a webviewer to send an API call to dropBox's webservice and thus push the file to dropbox.  Because you can't use plug ins inside of fmGo, you will have to script the steps needed to interact with the webservice but with a little tinkering and playing with OnTimer, you can create one button user experience.  You would then be left with the ability to use dropbox as an easy place to deposit files from anywhere / anyone and access them on your iPad (incoming) and you would be able to push files to one or many different dropBox accounts as a way of delivering your fp7 file (outbound).

                  Not sure how much effort energy you want to expend for this particular feature but it could be pretty sexy with a little elbow grease and a willingness to bend the will of the webviewer, forcing it to obey your every wish.

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                    Wow. I agree that would be amazing! I'm not familiar with Dropbox as I don't use it yet. Seems not many apps are able to upload files modified on the iPad to Dropbox for some reason (from my limited research). Though I was looking for a wifi solution, I agree if your idea could be done it would be extremely useful.


                    Later..... Opened an Dropbox account and found http://sendtodropbox.com/ so that email from FMGo goes to Dropbox using the email provided by sendtodrop box.


                    But would still be interested in a way to capture the file provided by FMGo that attaches to the email so that it could be accessed by a local network.


                    Thanks so much, reelsteve!