FMSA 11, OS X 10.7, java process, fmserver owner 100% CPU usage

Discussion created by steve.winter on Dec 12, 2011

Hi all


The subject pretty much says it all. At just after 0440 this morning (while I was sleeping) my development MBP crahsed. A heard restart this morning brought it back to life, but now I have a java process, owned by fmserver, which is using min 100% CPU when the box is doing nothing. If any calls are made to fms, then a second java process also begins to pull CPU usage (same owen)...


The upshot is that the CPU fan is running pretty much constantly, and becoming noiser in the proicess...!


A coupel of google searches suggested the XML interace might be the issue, so I've progressivly turned of bits of server functionality, and closed dbs etc, to the point that even with both the Web Publishing engline AND the Database engine stopped in the admin console, and then the admin console closed again, it's still using 110% CPU)...


Any ideas...??