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Enter and update field values by calculation

Question asked by DanielLG on Dec 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2011 by DanielLG

Hi all,


I am stuck with a problem on auto entered (calculated) field values (numbers) depend on other values, which are also re-caluclated and updated after dependent data have changed.


Here a example to explain the case:

There is a master table, lets call it invoice, and a second related table, lets call it ordered products. The relationship should be clear. The ordered products table has the following fields:





The invoice table has a field:



During entry of the invoice with all the ordered products, i want to have the last field "PercentageOfTotalOrder" been automatically calculated based on the invoice. It's clear that with each ordered products added this value will change for each product for the same invoice, and must also be updated once the invoice data will change.


Is there a way to do this with fmp?


Thanks for any help.