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    SMTP FM server 11 Exchange 2010


      We are pulling hairs here trying to send smtp email via file maker pro to our internal server.


      From the actual filemaker server 11 machine smtp mail works fine. However the same settings on a client running fm pro wont send. no matter what combination we try it will not send.


      we have tried leaving the name field blank, and even google mail as our smtp host but being in education our LEA blocks the 465 SSL port outbound so we are a bit stuck!

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          As a basic test to ensure that port 25 is not being blocked or that your client ports are not being block have you tried to telnet to port 25 from your client to the FM server or to the echange server. I suspect this is a port issue and your clients have a firewall blocking port access to FM or exchange.




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            hi, we tried the telnet option today. I can telnet our exchange 2010 server on port 25 fine. I didnt know you could telnet the FM Server though?


            we run no internal domain firewalls clients have full access to the servers

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              The issue is probably one or more settings on the Exchange server.  Due to issues/exploits of servers I believe that SMTP is off by default on Exchange servers these days.  Outlook doesn't use SMTP.


              I ran into this a few years ago and our Exchange admin had to update the config of the server.  Sorry off hand I don't know what setting he changed,  but it may have had to do with one or more of the following: trusted host, trusted application or specific userid  sending the e-mail.  I'm not sure about this,  but think the e-mail had to come from a domain authenticated account.  In short SMTP was no longer simple.


              Hope this helps

              Bruce Herbach

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                ive just given it a try with an old 2003 exchange server with the same results. Someone must have come accross this before and had more joy than us??

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                  I think Bruce is barking up the right tree.


                  I'm in an Outlook/Exchange environment and under our configuration Filemaker cannot send (SMTP) to external mail recipients unless the Exchange server has been specifically configured to allow relaying from the PC.  Internal messages usually go through fine but messages bound for external recipients aren't allowed.  This means that our regular users cannot utilize FM's SMTP functionality unless they are sending to another person on our own domain.  This isn't a problem for us as we almost exclusively use it to for notifications for our own employees -- aka workflow.


                  You might also check the recipients Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook -- assuming he or she is on the same domain.  We have found that sometimes messages end up in there even when it is coming from a coworker.