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FMS 11 on Windows 7 Pro erroneous failure message?

Question asked by usbc on Dec 12, 2011
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I have a new client who is hosting the server at their location. They have provided a new HP running Windows 7 Pro. FMS 11 current version.

When I connect to this computer using Remote Desktop from any of my computers all the functions are as fast as one would hope. (that is normal / peppy)

However, FMS Admin Console is very slow to open. Very slow to log in (2+ minutes). Very slow to switch from one section of the Admin to another.

But it does login and open and switch from page to page.


Some days ago I loaded a small FM DB for testing and the standard Sample_FM db. When I use them via FMA client they work perfectly and quickly.

Now as I try to load the solution DB (32MB) single file into the Default Folder, I get a failure message "Too big for folder or folder does not exist"

After which the only choice is to cancel the DB upload.

I suspect that this message is thrown up not because of the stated reason but because it is getting timed-out.

This computer is new, and dedicated to FMS and has only Word Pad, Explorer and stock OS applications on it.

It does have HP Recovery running and the client had a third party vendor install a firewall appliance.


At some point later today I will need to ask their IT guy to change something. Any suggestions ?