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Need Fast Method to Compare MultiKey Lists

Question asked by jlb on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by MicheleOlson

I am looking to see if anyone has a fast method for comparing two long/large multikey fields.


In current situation


FieldA - Multi-Key List of SN's - 31,961

FieldB - Multi-Key List of SN's - 14,281


FieldC - Multi-Key List of SN's from A, not in B.


I have tried the custom function ZapValues from Brian Dunning's website, and

I created a script that loops through the lists


(Script Image Attached)

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 4.27.29 PM.png


both approaches result in the correct answer for FieldC, but come with a HUGE time expense.


Any ideas on a better (faster) method.