Creating a Demo version of your software solution

Discussion created by willemjan on Dec 14, 2011
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Hi All,


We have developed a software solution(azorsoftware.com). We are struggeling with creating a nice downloadble demo version.

A runtime would be ideal. But the limitations are to big.


- No close window

- No PFD option

- No Charting.


Our solution relies on these funcions to much.


So now we use a FileMaker trial to demo our product. This works but is somewhat complex for the client. Installing a FileMaker Trial and an instruction to open our demo online by clicking a fmnet:// link.

We would like to keep the process a easy as possible because most sofeware now a days is available on demand and directly accessible via a webbased interface.


Is it possible to create a installer with our solution and the trial included ? Does anybody already have expierence with this ? How do you offer your demo ?


Thank you for your help.


Willem-Jan Kempen