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Discussion created by Polarpro on Dec 14, 2011
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I use a search-as-you-type find, which is pretty simple: In the header section of the layout there is the search slot, where users can key in their search terms, and below you get a list with all the records found (FileMaker Advanced 10.)


The list gets sorted alphabetically. With one little exception the sorting is fairly fast: The very first time after opening the file when a user enters a letter, all the records are being sorted, and this takes up to a few seconds. Furthermore, Filemaker loses some of the letters of the search term (e.g. if he types "telephone" all what appears is "tphone").


I've tried all kinds of things that came into my mind, but the problem still exists. The field that is searched is completely indexed. Any ideas how to make this first search faster?


I know that there is a Quick Find feature in Filemaker 11, which I am not very much familiar with. Does this include maybe a faster sorting?


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