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Access to external SQL databases on filemaker adv server 11

Question asked by potvinjp on Dec 14, 2011
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Hi !


I'm new here. But i think i have a good question regarding ESS on Filemaker adv server 11.


I'm running Filemaker server adv 11 on a Windows 7 64 bits O/S.


I'm not able to setup an odbc link to a SQL server when my database is shared by Filemaker server.


If i do the same ODBC setup on a Filemaker Pro station, it works perfectly ! But if i place my database on the server, i'm not able to see the data coming from the SQL server. I'm asked to type the username and password to reach the SQL server but anyway, the server is showing me an ODBC error in a small window. Do i need an ODBC SQL driver older than the one that comes with windows 7 ??


I need to share the data coming from an SQL server via Filemaker server.


Help !