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Partial Calculation Error

Question asked by datarunner on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by RayCologon

I have a calculation field that references fields in the same table to determine if they have test scores across different periods of time (I only include the data of students that have the relative test scores over time for valid evaluation). Below is the calculation/logic, and it is only not working for students with GradeLevelFY11="0". The next line (for gradelevel=1) is working fine. Currently all students with gradelevelFY11="0" are showing a 0 in this field, even though I can manually look through and see that the majority of these students do actually have non-empty fields in both fields referenced. Any help would be much appreciated, and maybe I've looked at it too long and am missing something obvious...



Student::GradeLevelFY11 = "0" and(IsEmpty(FY11_PSF_S) or IsEmpty(FY12_PSF_F));0; //For grade 0 students, if FY11_PSF_S OR FY12_PSF_F are blank, return a 0, else return 1

Student::GradeLevelFY11 = "1" and(IsEmpty(FY11_NWF_CLS_S) or IsEmpty(FY12_DORF_CW_F));0;

IsEmpty (FY11_DORF_CW_S) or IsEmpty( FY12_DORF_CW_F);0;1



Thank you!