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    Windows7 Pro + FM11 Adv Server = ??


      Hi all


      Am considering using a well specced PC box (Win7 Pro) to run my FM Server Adv 11.xx solution to 25-30 users over a WAN.


      No other file sharing (otherwise I would be looking at Server 2008 or whatever) and no web serving as those will be on separate boxes.


      The specs on the FM website indicate this should be fine - and I could not find any forum posts about this NOT working as described.


      All things being equal (plenty of good quality RAM, fast stable processor, SSD HD's, good power supply, UPS etc - are there any gotcha's one should be aware of. (Clients connecting will be a mix of Win7 Pro and Mac OSX 10.6+ btw)


      I have heard some of the Java related issues if running a Windows 7 Pro OS are minimised but would be keen to hear of any experiences from others. And maybe if any recommendations for remote control of that PC - on the Mac's I use ARD.


      Thank you


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          Mixing Mac OS X and Windows Clients using the same FileMaker server is not a problem. Not at all.

          But your idea to use Windows 7 as a production server for 30 users is not recomendable. Even when you are using Windows 7 Professionel edition the problem is: It is not a Server OS.


          You should use Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 (32 bit wil definetely be best with FMS 11). Please ask, and I will elaborate on 32/64 bit on Windows.


          Windows 7 Professional can be used as a server in a single machine deployment, but it is only advisable for development purposes. Not for production.


          It is not FileMaker's fault, but it is due to the weaknesses of the Windows 7 platform. And don't blame Microsoft either, they never marketed Windows 7 as a server.


          A cheap way to a reasonably strong server is a good Windows server or maybe a Mac mini. But you write that you will have up to 30 users connected. With some FileMaker solutions you can have 1000 connected users to a FMSA, and with other solutions you will need a very fast and vell configured server to support 200 users. So tell us a little more about your solution and how demanding it is.


          Best regards




          Ps. FileMaker is officially warning against using Windows 7 for production systems:

          Note FileMaker Server is supported on Windows 7 for single machine installations for development use.

          Windows 7 is not supported for deployment use on multiple machine installations.

          Quote from the FMS/FMSA manual

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            Thanks Carsten. Actually I had not read that in the manual so that was a heads up.


            The solution is a single file (no separation) - medium level solution - but still important.


            Reasons I didn't want to go Server 2008 is the hassle in admin'ing it and so on - as well the fact that this is only going to share the FM Server Adv files and not standard file sharing.


            The question would become - if Win7 (a Client OS) is not recommended so therefore Mac OSX 10.7 Client is also not a Server OS... so ... is that not recommended either?


            Yeah it's the hassle of admin'ing a full 2008 Server I wanted to avoid...grrr. (sound of blood boiling having to admin Server 2008)


            Thank you very much for your comments.



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              Is a Filemaker hosting service a possibility? No adminning necessary. No blood boiling. Remote access and web access included.



              Steve Moore

              Cumberland, Maine



              PS - If you buy the Mac Mini server version for $999, that includes a server OS.

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                Hi Brynley,


                Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 client is based on the same Unix server platform as Mac OS X Server 10.6 & 10.7. Both with a full version of Apache (if you should need it).

                I do not hessitate at all in recommending the use of a Mac OS X client or server as a FMSA or FMS FileMaker Server.

                My only advise, and that would be the same for Windows: Go for a good computer with reasonably fast disk access. And not less than 4 GB of memory.

                If you are going with a Mac mini you should consider having the databases on a SSD disk (the mini can be fitted with two drives), and then run the FMS backup to the system drive.

                And if, at a later stage, you should want to use the mini as a small office server you can add thunderbolt raid systems.


                If you can pay more I would go for a heavy duty Windows Server or a Mac Pro. But in your case it is possible that you will get fine performance from a well configured Mac mini.


                Have a look at a configuration like this Mac mini (btw: this is delivered with Mac OS X Server pre installed).


                • 2.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
                • 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
                • 750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm + 256GB Solid State Drive
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                  Hosting can be a very good solution. But setting up FileMaker Server 9, 10 or 11 does not include "blood boiling". It is a straight forward and very easy process, especially with a system like the one Brynley is describing. It is easy on Windows Server and very very easy on Mac OS X Client or Server.

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                    Snap! Yes - just ordered it - but with a single SSD drive only and a 2nd external SSD for the FM backups. And 8GB RAM!


                    My issue with admin of Server was not FM Server - but having to buy/run/admin a full on MS Server 2008 which I find more problematic then I need. (I have a Server 2008 doing simple file serving already only because ONE single program (long story) that will not work unless it's data is stored on Server 2008 [and it's particular settings don't play nicely with FM Server].


                    I already have OSX Server 10.6 on another Mac anyway so that is gravy and I can cope with that.


                    I did consider hosting but 95% of my traffic will be LAN/WAN and I already have a good infratructure in place.


                    Thanks for the suggestions/comments - appreciated.