Windows7 Pro + FM11 Adv Server = ??

Discussion created by brynley on Dec 14, 2011
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Hi all


Am considering using a well specced PC box (Win7 Pro) to run my FM Server Adv 11.xx solution to 25-30 users over a WAN.


No other file sharing (otherwise I would be looking at Server 2008 or whatever) and no web serving as those will be on separate boxes.


The specs on the FM website indicate this should be fine - and I could not find any forum posts about this NOT working as described.


All things being equal (plenty of good quality RAM, fast stable processor, SSD HD's, good power supply, UPS etc - are there any gotcha's one should be aware of. (Clients connecting will be a mix of Win7 Pro and Mac OSX 10.6+ btw)


I have heard some of the Java related issues if running a Windows 7 Pro OS are minimised but would be keen to hear of any experiences from others. And maybe if any recommendations for remote control of that PC - on the Mac's I use ARD.


Thank you